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Jordan Findlay Examines the Phenomena of Quantum Entanglement and the Power of Shared Experiences in ‘Limbic’

Live Action

30th September, 2021

Director Jordan Findlay breaks down the complex 50-light lighting rig required for the ethereal visuals of his experimental 16mm short.

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Vira-Lata Linger in the Purgatorial Reality Between Heaven and Hell in Sensorial Music Video ‘Medo’


14th September, 2021

Directing duo Vira-Lata talk to us about utilising the gritty feeling of authenticity lent by expired 16mm stock in their sensorial Terno Rei music video.

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How Colin Read Built a 35mm Bullet Time Rig for Experimental Converse Skateboard Short ‘Time Web’

Art & Fashion

16th August, 2021

DN alum Colin Read explains the intricate technical solutions needed to execute his frozen skateboarding 104 pinhole camera Converse short ’Time Web’.

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NONO Captures the Depths of the Grieving Process in Andalusian Culture in Califato ¾’s ‘Fandangô de Carmen Porter’


14th December, 2020

NONO talks digging into Andalusian identity and channelling it into a timeless 16mm portrait of death, loss and mysticism in 'Fandangô de Carmen Porter'.

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Guillermo Irriguible Loren Pays Homage to Analog Music with his Analog Short Film ‘Speaking in Voltages’

Documentary, Music

30th November, 2017

Shot on 16mm, Super8 & Hi8, director Guillermo Irriguible Loren joins us to discuss his ode to nostalgia and the golden era of analogue instruments.

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