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Thinking of attending Film School? Then Director Jason B. Kohl has just the book for you.


7th October, 2015

Director (and now Author) Jason B. Kohl shares the inspiration behind his latest project - 'Film School: A Practical Guide to an Impractical Decision' - A

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Transmedia 2.0 by Nuno Berardo


12th August, 2014

"The book is extensive and thoughtful in covering all the areas of thinking, planning and action required when considering content in the contemporary

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Gruff Rhys Journeys into the Transmedia Landscape of the ‘American Interior’


8th May, 2014

The latest adventure by sonic explorer Gruff Rhys is an exceptional example of cross-platform storytelling where each individual element adds something

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The Film Festival Reader


9th December, 2013

When people within my new field of Academia ask about my background I tell them I’m a screenwriter and producer, festival director and programmer, critic,

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Winning the Story Wars: The Myth Gap

Animation, Asides

21st August, 2012

It’s great to see an ever increasing number of authors and publishers embracing creative video projects as a means of promoting their wares –

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The Flame Alphabet


3rd January, 2012

Erin Cosgrove’s short animation based on Ben Marcus’ forthcoming book The Flame Alphabet tells the story of a couple forced to isolate

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Looks That Kill Book & DVD


20th July, 2011

So last month El Vez clued me in to the seductively stylish, action packed world of Yuki 7 and her crack team of super spies The Gadget Girls with a duo of

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DN Special: Fans Friends Followers – Scott Kirsner


26th August, 2009

This week I’m taking a break from the regular Directors Notes episodes to talk to journalist, blogger and author Scott Kirsner about his book Fans,

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