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Elahe Esmaili Empathetically Explores the Decisions Behind an Iranian Child Marriage in ‘The Doll’


5th May, 2021

Elahe Esmaili discusses 'The Doll' her engaging exploration of cultural norms in which a family share their opinions on the marriage of a 14-year-old girl

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An Iranian Mother Is Pushed to Choose Between Danger or Destitution in Kaveh Mazaheri’s Gripping Drama ‘Funfair’

Live Action

3rd February, 2020

Kaveh Mazaheri returns to discuss his new short 'Funfair' - the story of a desperate man who drafts his wife into a dangerous ploy to improve their lives.

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A Mother Protects Her Daughter at All Costs in Fateme Ahmadi’s ‘Bitter Sea’

Film Festival, Live Action

14th June, 2018

Fateme Ahmadi talks to DN about the intense camera work of 'Bitter Sea' her short film about an immigrant mother's hope of a better life for her daughter.

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Buried Treasure Sends an Iranian Village Into a Spiral of Death & Deception in Roozbeh Misaghi’s ‘Turquoise’

Live Action, Premiere

12th March, 2018

Roozbeh Misaghi joins DN with 'Turquoise', his allegorical story about a remote Iranian village which descends into deception, death and double-dealing.

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Help Refugees: The Journey

Animation, Asides

21st December, 2017

A young Syrian boy embarks on a long, dangerous journey to be reunited with his parents after his home is torn apart by war in Majid Adin's 'The Journey'.

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An Iranian Wife Embraces an Opportunistic Route of Escape in Kaveh Mazaheri’s Award Winning Short ‘Retouch’

Film Festival, Live Action

9th October, 2017

Kaveh Mazaheri discusses working within Iran's censorship system and staging a convincing accidental death for his multi-award winning short 'Retouch'.

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Majid Adin & Stephen McNally Deliver a Stunning New Take on Elton John’s Iconic ‘Rocket Man’

Animation, Music

1st June, 2017

Majid Adin & Stephen McNally discuss how they reimagined Elton John's iconic track 'Rocket Man' through the lens of a refugee's journey to safety.

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7th October, 2013

In his video performance piece created for electronic music project Tegh, Iranian computer artist and visualizer Ali Phi deconstructs the musician’s

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The Hunter

Live Action

28th February, 2011

Rob breaks his Iranian Cinema virginity by taking a look at one of the nation's most recently acclaimed films, Rafi Pitts' ‘The Hunter’.

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