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Ian Pons Jewell Recreates a Heated Congressional Hearing in His Music Video for Coldxman’s ‘Blasphemy’

Ian Pons Jewell explains how he brought the world of a tense congressional hearing to life for Coldxman's pointed music video.

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Live Action

JONES Harness the Power of Allegorical Storytelling in BAFTA Short ‘Three Meetings of the Extraordinary Committee’

Max Barron of JONES reveals how the duo used the allegory of a mythical creature as a tool to tell a universal story about entrenched beliefs.

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Arthur Cauty Encapsulates the Journey of the Colston Statue Trial in Rousing Documentary ‘The Colston Four’

Arthur Cauty speaks to the social issues that informed his decision to document the journey from statue toppling to the trial of The Colston Four.

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Documentary, Premiere

Robert Hope Records the Slow Radicalisation of His Eccentric Neighbour in Personal Doc ‘Heaven on Earth’

Robert Hope explains his motivation to capture the insidious rise of far-right conspiracy ideologies from a personal perspective for his doc short.

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Toberg Takes Viewers on a Lo-FI 3D Journey Through the History of Human Constructs in ‘Pile’

Toberg joins us to discuss assembling a human habitat in order of “critical” to “superfluous” in his epic continuous shot RCA short 'Pile'.

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Documentary, Film Festival

Racism Destroys a Freewheeling Venice Beach Community in Kate Hickey’s Feature Doc Debut ‘Roller Dreams’

Kate Hickey’s doc celebrates the rise of the iconic Venice Beach rollerskate dancing scene and exposes the prejudices which fuelled its destruction.

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