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Andrew Litten Captures How the 10 New Artists on Pusha T’s ‘1800 Seconds’ Album “Made It Count”

Documentary, Music

24th April, 2019

Andrew Litten tells DN how he deployed a mix of shooting formats to document how the 10 new artists on Pusha T's '1800 Seconds' album "made it count".

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Zoomer’s Treasures ‘Shooting It All To Hell’

Asides, Documentary

22nd April, 2019

Sam Huntley's ‘Shooting It All To Hell’, provides a rip-roaring intro to the eccentric owner of rural Kansas roadside curiosity store Zoomer’s

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Joshua Dawson Envisions the Digital Future of Chile’s Resource Striped Ghost Towns in Foreboding Short ‘Loa’s Promise’

Animation, Art & Fashion

19th April, 2019

Joshua Dawson tells DN how he used drone footage & 3D modelling to create a foreboding vision of Chile's resource striped ghost towns in 'Loa's Promise'.

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A Pregnant Woman Struggles with a Life Altering Decision in Kevin Rios & Anamari Mesa’s Tender Short ‘Maternal’

Animation, Live Action

18th April, 2019

Kevin Rios & Anamari Mesa co-direct the contemplative story of a young woman processing her doubts before meeting the adoptive parents of her unborn child

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Ashley Robicheaux Reminisces on the Pleasures of Past Love in One-Shot R O B I Music Video ‘Handlebars’

Music, Premiere

17th April, 2019

DN speaks to Ashley Robicheaux about crafting a haunting mix of live performance & improvisational dance in one-shot R O B I music video 'Handlebars'.

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Lorenzo De Guia Introduces us to the Spirit of Self-Determination Which Stokes the Fire of Paralympian ‘Leeper’


16th April, 2019

Dir. Lorenzo de Guia explains how Blake Leeper’s infectious positivity, drive and outlook inspired his stirring depiction of the Paralympian medallist.

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Ashley Robicheaux Carves Out Space for Interpretation in Her Expressive R O B I Music Video ‘Eclipse’


12th April, 2019

DN catches up with polymath Ashley Robicheaux to discuss her move into the director's chair for 'Eclipse', the debut video of her music alter ego R O B I.

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How a Housemate’s “Frustrating Domestic Habits” Inspired Connor Bland to Create Tense Animation ‘FlyTrap’

Animation, Premiere

10th April, 2019

Connor Bland joins us to discuss his unusual short 'FlyTrap' - a claustrophobic animation about a germaphobe and his growing obsession with his housemate.

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A Naive Swimming Prodigy Finds His Humanity at Odds with His Desire to Succeed in Verner Maldonado’s ‘Swim’

Live Action

9th April, 2019

Verner Maldonado joins DN with 'Swim', the story of a naive swimming prodigy who grapples with the choice between his humanity and his desire to succeed.

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Rodney Lucas Showcases The Heart of Chicago in His Short Doc ‘Southside Forever’


5th April, 2019

Director Rodney Lucas reveals the process and thoughts behind his restructuring of Chicago's image in his deeply personal documentary 'Southside Forever'.

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An Insecure Man Embraces His Desire to Become a Power Bottom in Kevin Rios’ Comedy ‘THE SHIT! An Opera’

Live Action, Premiere

4th April, 2019

DN speaks to Kevin Rios about power bottoms, self-induced panic and a wisdom-spouting stop-motion piece of crap in his comedy short 'THE SHIT! An Opera'.

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A Heated Argument Leads to Relationship Transgression in Rhianon Jones’ ‘Parker’

Film Festival, Live Action

4th April, 2019

Rhianon Jones tells DN how the transgression of arguments and a short story inspired 'Parker' a film about a couple arguing in a car after a social event

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