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Vira-Lata Embrace an Unstable World in Marrakesh Dance Music Video ‘Defectively’


2nd July, 2019

Director duo Vira-Lata discuss building wells from scratch & shooting on 35mm, despite the fact they had "never even touched a film camera" before.

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The Dream of Ink

Animation, Asides

9th January, 2019

Lightfarm Studios' Rafael Vallaperde’s 'The Dream of Ink' is a psychedelic sprint through a teaming marine ecosystem bursting with colour.

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Criolo: Boca de Lobo

Asides, Music

13th November, 2018

Civil unrest and urban chaos break out on the streets of São Paulo in Cisma’s politically charged music video for Criolo track Boca de Lobo.

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Children of the Cosmos

Asides, Live Action

14th September, 2018

Dante Vescio & Rodrigo Gasparini ponder the meaning of humankind’s existence within the universe in playful intergalactic short 'Children of the Cosmos'.

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The Fall – Love Never Let Us Down

Animation, Asides

8th May, 2018

Zombie Studio’s animated short 'The Fall' for Hospital de Amor beautifully highlights the power of love as an effective weapon in the fight against cancer

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How to Turn Your Friends Into Furniture

Art & Fashion, Asides

20th April, 2018

Oriol Barberà Masats provides a practical solution for how to put your ex-friends to good use in surreal short 'How to Turn Your Friends Into Furniture'.

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Art & Fashion, Asides, Film Festival

9th April, 2018

Seb Caudron sets the tone of innovation and creativity for the 2018 edition of Brazil's Path Festival in stunning and explosive VFX style.

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Felipe Vellas Highlights the Crucial Work of Médecins du Monde in Hard Hitting #ShutUpDeath Campaign Promo

Live Action

9th March, 2018

Brazilian director Felipe Vellas pulls no punches in his hard hitting, visceral short film for Médecins du Monde’s #shutupdeath campaign.

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Day One: Sunshine

Animation, Asides

14th February, 2018

A new romance turns sinister as a joyful honeymoon period gives way to overbearing, controlling and abusive behaviour in Guilherme Marcondes' 'Sunshine'.

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Matheus Siqueira Transforms Stone to Flesh in Abstract Music Video ‘Pedra’


2nd May, 2017

Matheus Siqueira shares how a cancer diagnosis forced him to reinterpret the concept of his abstract music video and find a deeper meaning in the lyrics.

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Gabriel Iglesias: Jeremias


11th November, 2016

A lost astronaut desperately tries to find someone to heed his warnings of impending doom in Matheus Siqueira's music video for Gabriel Iglesias.

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DN LFF2014: Love & Sexuality are Blind in Daniel Ribeiro’s Debut ‘The Way He Looks’

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

25th October, 2014

Daniel Ribeiro’s debut feature 'The Way He Looks' tenderly explores the awakening sexuality of a blind teenage as he discovers first love. DN speaks to

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