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Vira-Lata Linger in the Purgatorial Reality Between Heaven and Hell in Sensorial Music Video ‘Medo’


14th September, 2021

Directing duo Vira-Lata talk to us about utilising the gritty feeling of authenticity lent by expired 16mm stock in their sensorial Terno Rei music video.

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The Cycle of Ageing Is Lovingly Captured in Breno Moreira’s Sweeping Portrayal of Brazilian Life ‘Ciclos’


13th November, 2020

From streets bustling with childhood to the concerns of ageing parents, Bruno Moreira captures the circle of life in Brazil for MC Marechal's 'Ciclos'.

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Gabriel & Sergio Twardowski Recreate the Thrill of Live Music in Stop-Motion Concert Short ‘Alok Memories’

Animation, Documentary

2nd October, 2020

Gabriel & Sergio Twardowski tell DN how they mined 30 TB of material to recreate the thrill of live music in stop-motion concert short 'Alok Memories'.

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It’s Time to Escape Corporate Suppression in Willy Hajli & William Kim’s Sci-Fi Fashion Film ‘Write Your Story’

Art & Fashion

4th September, 2020

A rogue employee escapes an oppressive corporation in Willy Hajli and William Kim's ambitious sci-fi fashion film 'Write Your Story'.

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A Broken Romance Fractures Time in Manuel Nogueira’s Short Film for Ladytron’s ‘Tower of Glass’


27th March, 2020

Manuel Nogueira stops by to discuss bridging the gap between short film and music video formats for Ladytron's 'Tower of Glass'.

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CCXP: World of all Worlds

Asides, Live Action

19th March, 2020

Giomi’s fantasy-horror-cartoon-superhero-sci-fi-musical-drama CCXP short 'World of all Worlds' is a glorious celebration of geekdom and shared culture.

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Matias Mariani Creates a Fresh Vision of the São Paulo Immigrant Experience in Debut Feature ‘Shine Your Eyes’

Film Festival, Live Action

26th February, 2020

We speak to Matias Mariani about his debut feature 'Shine Your Eyes', discussing the history of São Paulo, immigrant identity and horse racing betting.

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Gregory Porter: Revival

Asides, Music

10th February, 2020

Douglas Bernardt deploys scale and optical illusions in a choreographed journey of inner strength and confidence for his exhilarating 'Revival' promo.

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Fernando Moreira Conjures a Ritual of Self-Protection and Preservation for Brazil in ‘Eu Não Te Conheço’


8th January, 2020

Fernando Moreira reveals how he channelled Brazilian trio Tuyo’s rituals of self-protection into transcendental music video 'Eu Não Te Conheço'.

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Irmãos Meirelles Discover the Inspiration Hidden in Mundane Moments in Artist Profile Doc ‘Murayama’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

9th December, 2019

Irmãos Meirelles explore the hidden complexity inside mundane & seemingly irrelevant moments which lead us to new ideas in artist profile doc 'Murayama'.

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DN370: Eryk Rocha Captures the Financial and Emotional Struggles of a Nocturnal Rio Cab Driver in ‘Burning Night’

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

8th December, 2019

Eryk Rocha tells DN how the themes of isolation & economic struggle in his story of a Rio cab driver, 'Burning Night' mirror the current crisis in Brazil.

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Vira-Lata Embrace an Unstable World in Marrakesh Dance Music Video ‘Defectively’


2nd July, 2019

Director duo Vira-Lata discuss building wells from scratch & shooting on 35mm, despite the fact they had "never even touched a film camera" before.

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