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Jimmy Olsson Challenges Our Preconceived Notions of Disability and Sexual Desire in Forthright Drama ‘Alive’

Live Action

1st February, 2021

Jimmy Olsson returns to discuss why he was drawn to confront the misguided preconceptions about disability and sexual intimacy in his new short 'Alive'.

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A Bodybuilder Takes Self-Obsession to Bizarre New Heights in Josefin Malmén & David Strindberg’s Surreal ‘Flex’

Live Action

12th November, 2020

Josefin Malmén and David Strindberg reveal how their neurotic self-assessments as working creatives inspired surreal bodybuilder comedy short 'Flex'.

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Pablo Maestres Retells the Myth of the Phoenix in Glacial Music Video/Short Film Hybrid ‘Flora Caic’


21st September, 2020

Pablo Maestres discusses working in harsh arctic conditions and wrapping production during global lockdown for music video/short film hybrid 'Flora Caic'.

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Marcus Svanberg on Creating a Chilling Silent Film with the Disturbing ‘Killing Small Animals’

Live Action

27th August, 2020

Marcus Svanberg shares his process for creating the portrait of a disturbed woman in the dialogue-free chiller 'Killing Small Animals'.

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DN365: Isabella Eklöf Exposes the Rot Beneath the Glitzy Veneer of Power & Money in Unflinching Debut ‘Holiday’

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

30th November, 2018

Isabella Eklöf discusses 'Holiday', her unflinching depiction of the control and sexual violence lurking beneath the glitzy veneer of power and money.

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Adam Priester Encapsulates the Passionate Struggle of Creation in Dark CGI Short ‘Hallow’

Animation, Art & Fashion

13th November, 2018

Adam Priester speaks to DN about capturing the reverent feeling the act of creation imbues in us with his self-reflective CGI grad short 'Hallow'.

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Nickname Szanto

Asides, Documentary

12th July, 2018

Henrik Hanson's short doc 'Nickname Szanto' follows Therese, one of Sweden’s leading gamers as she fights for her dream of gender equality in e-sports.

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The Ties of Family Are Tested in Mikael Bundsen’s Queer Short ‘Mother Knows Best’

Live Action

21st May, 2018

DN speaks with Mikael Bundsen about 'Mother Knows Best', his queer short about a son revealing an uncomfortable truth his mother wasn't ready for.

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Niclas Gillis Exposes the Reality of Sexual Exploitation Endured by Women Living in Poverty in ‘Hold Me Down’

Live Action

21st March, 2018

DN spoke to Niclas Gillis about the years of research which underpins his unflinching depiction of a sexually exploited woman living in poverty in the USA.

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Bertil Nilsson Experiments With the Nature of Private Performance in Urban Dance Short ‘Fragments’

Art & Fashion

12th December, 2017

DN asked director Bertil Nilsson to take us through the development and creation of his East London set experimental dance short 'Fragments'.

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Palme D’or Winning Director Ruben ÖStlund Stages a Single Shot Heist in Real-Time Short ‘Incident by a Bank’

Live Action

3rd August, 2017

Ruben Östlund shares how high resolution digital cinematography enabled him to create his highly choreographed, real-time heist short in a single shot.

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Marcus Fjellström Connects the Dots for Hauntingly Beautiful Music Video ‘Who Are You’

Animation, Music

3rd June, 2014

Miss Kenichi seduces composer and multimedia artist Marcus Fjellström into creating the alluring visuals which accompany her haunting melody 'Who Are You'.

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